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About Us.

Company Overview

The Moore Institute, Inc. was co-founded by husband and wife team Pam and Steve Moore. The individual private practice that was begun by Pam Moore in 1996 has now grown into the institute providing treatment and therapy to over a thousand individuals and couples. We are well know for directed couples counseling that includes marriage therapy, pre-marital counseling, same-sex couples and any dyad hoping to improve the type kind and quality of their relationship. Our years of training and experience can provide to results that you desire.

We are specifically and specially trained to work with couples in relationship. Our training began in 1995 at the Hendricks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. We continued to train there for the next several years. Our methods are based in that training and are also “kitchen tested”. We live our training and bring that level of commitment to our work with all couples.

The principle therapists at the Moore Institute are well known for their work experience in recovery from addictive disorders. In addition, we have worked in a variety of primary treatment settings and with a wide range of clients. We are trained in the most advanced methods that include all state of the art treatment plans and techniques. We offer a private alternative addiction treatment plan that includes assessment, intervention and complete aftercare planning. Our programs are designed to address the specific needs of those who are unable or who do not wish to enter into a “standard” treatment program. We have a proven success record with chronic relapses and treatment resistant individuals.

Our Philosophy

One of the keys to healing is to be gentle and compassionate with the hurting parts of ourselves. By befriending these parts, we can find out what they need and heal them. From an appreciative, self-loving place we can work with instead of against ourselves to find much more satisfying solutions in our lives. The work we do is very feeling and experientially oriented. It can be quiet and inward, gentle and nurturing or intense and challenging and it is always held within a respectful and caring perspective. The goal of this therapy is to get in touch with our true selves and reclaim our aliveness. This leads to a fuller, more creative and satisfying life period.




Steve Co-founded both the Moore Institute and the Addiction Research Foundation along with his wife and partner, Pam Moore. He received a Masters of Social Work with honors from the University of Alabama. Since that time he has trained extensively in both addiction and relationship therapies. He is a principal therapist at The Moore Institute and is interested in all aspects of relationship and addiction. Steve uses a highly individualized approach to therapy which utilizes complementary methodologies and techniques which he has developed through his years of practice. His approach to therapy is based on his multi-modal process, which is a strengths and collaborative methodology. Steve believes that you can experience a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Steve is a sought Public Speaker throughout the country for his expertise on addiction and relationship issues.



Pam received her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Alabama. Pam co-founded both the Moore Institute and the Addiction Research Foundation along with her husband and partner, Steve Moore. Her major interests are in addiction disorders, co-dependency, trauma and mood disorders. Pam works with individuals couples and families. She is an intuitive, interactive solution focused therapist. She integrates complimentary methodologies and techniques so she can offer a highly personalized approach to each of her clients with compassion and understanding. She works with clients to help them build of their strengths. Pam developed The Method, which is featured in her book Unhook and Live Free, while working through her own personal struggles. Pam teaches The Method both in personal individual sessions and in Unhook workshops that are offered throughout the year. Pam also authored a mediative journal titled Inward to the Kingdom, a Six Week Journey.

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