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Alternative Addiction Treatment.

What is it?

Alternative treatment is a method utilized by the Moore Institute that is developed individually for each client. It starts with a thorough assessment utilizing our own system. Then a plan is developed by our team that utilizes all or some of the available treatment alternatives available.

Why us?

Pam and Steve both have a unique perspective to treatment. They both have long term established recoveries of their own with 20 years and 18 years respectively. Within their first year of recovery they both independently became interested in the professional recovery field. Through the years they began to notice that treatment was based on a cookie cutter approach: You go to inpatient or outpatient treatment and then to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).

While this methods works well for many people, the relapse rate has remained around 66% for even the best of this approach. This means the standard method is not working for at least 66% of the people who actually seek treatment. For many just going to treatment for 30 days and then to a 12 Step program was not enough. Many need some sort of formalized support by addiction specialists after treatment. For others treatment then AA is more than they need. They would go through the cookie cutter method™ but find that their needs were not being met because this form of treatment did not apply directly to their current life circumstance and level of addiction. So they could not relate to what was being said and it did not apply to their lives. What we offer at the Moore Institute fills in both of these gaps. Our treatment process is developed to meet individual needs. This insures not only individualized treatment but privacy and confidentiality.

How are we different?

Most facilities see addiction as a simple issue, either you are addicted or not. If you are diagnosed as addict or alcoholic, then you are on to the cookie cutter program™ with very little variation. At the Moore Institute we view and address addiction through the belief addiction is a disease and therefore it is on a continuum with each person at a different spot on that continuum. We utilize our assessment system to assess the appropriate amount of treatment. For some that would mean a referral to traditional treatment, for others we would combine the services at the Moore Institute with outside resources and for some the services we provide will be enough. At the Moore Institute we are prepared to meet your needs with the exact treatment that you require.

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