Women’s Dharma Meditation now at C3 in The Moore Institute every Saturday at 6:30 pm


The Women’s Dharma meditation meeting is a community of women who
are using the practices of mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness, and
generosity to heal the pain and suffering in their lives and the lives of
loved ones. The path of practice we follow is called the Four Noble Truths.
This is a meeting to help bring a deeper understanding of the four noble
truths to women specifically. This meeting is here for women to come and
share their own experience, insights, successes and difficulties with the
path of practice. The Women’s Dharma Meditation Meeting is an effort to
bring the community of women, who are interested in the buddhist
perspective, together.
This approach is based on the Buddhist understanding that “Everyone
has the power and potential to free themselves from suffering”. We feel
that the power of the Buddha’s teachings, if applied, will relieve suffering
of all kinds.