Coaching For You


what can coaching do for you?

People who have embraced our method have developed the following skills

• Learn how to attract and sustain genuine love
• Learn reliable ways to awaken a flow of well being when feeling stuck
within themselves and in relationship
• Learn to feel an immediate natural glow of energy in their body
• Shift from conflict to creative innovation
• Learn to love themselves and generate the power of loving acceptance, even
for things they disliked about themselves and others
• Embrace positive commitments at a deep and unshakable level in themselves
• Are able to create passion and creativity within themselves

Our Philosophy

One of the keys to healing is to be gentle and compassionate with the hurting parts of ourselves. By befriending these parts, we can find out what they need and heal them. From an appreciative, self-loving place we can work with instead of against ourselves to find much more satisfying solutions in our lives. The work we do is very feeling and experientially oriented. It can be quiet and inward, gentle and nurturing or intense and challenging and it is always held within a respectful and caring perspective. The goal of this therapy is to get in touch with our true selves and reclaim our aliveness. This leads to a fuller, more creative and satisfying life.


How Do You Know If Coaching Is For You?

t is normal for all of us to have problems, to be afraid sometimes. Consider the following questions and consult us if coaching could increase joy and intimacy in your life:
• Are You Uneasy When Your Life Is Going Smoothly, Do You Continually Anticipate
• Do You Feel Responsible For Others?
• Do You Overextend Yourself?
• Do You Have Trouble With Intimate Relationships
• Do You Care For Others Easily, Yet Find It Difficult To Care For Yourself?
• Do You Isolate Yourself From Other People?
• Do You Respond With Anxiety To Authority Figures And Angry People?
• Do You Attract And Seek People Who Tend To Be Compulsive?
• Do You Mistrust Your Own Feelings And The Feelings Expressed By Others?
• Do You Find It Difficult To Express Your Emotions?
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