How does The Intensive compare to other addiction treatment programs?

The Intensive distinguishes itself from other addiction treatment facilities in several ways. First, The Intensive employs the Multi Modal Recovery Process as well as The Method. Second, our knowledgeable and skilled staff members address core issues that lead to addiction, as well as teach the necessary tools for long-term recovery. Third, The Intensive is committed to helping clients obtain emotional growth and wholeness.

Does The Intensive accept insurance?

We do not. This allows us to provide the treatment that we believe works best, rather than having an insurance company dictate what we can or cannot provide.

What are the rules of The Intensive?

Instead of rules we have guidelines. The program is voluntary. We encourage punctual attendance. Do not disclose the identity of any other participant. The one rule is: No violence or intimidation of any kind.

Can I bring a pet?

We request no pets come with you as it becomes a distraction form the group and for the group. We believe our pets can be as close as family members but as the work we do can be very intensive at times we ask that pets be left at home.

What are the costs of The Intensive?

The fee for The Intensive is $700 a week. There are no contracts. Payment is on the Monday of each week.

What is the length of The Intensive?

Length of treatment is usually 6 – 12 weeks. We evaluate with the client on a week by week basis on what would be best for their recovery.

How can I make my loved one go to treatment?

Unfortunately, no. A person has to find their own motivation for treatment. Research shows that without a person’s buy in for treatment it does not work. We have found that motivation for recovery does grow with time in treatment.