Any intervention or treatment for a drug or alcohol program begins with an assessment.  The purpose of an assessment is to determine whether a substance use disorder (SUDs) or process addiction (PA) is present, the extent or severity of the disorder and to develop an ongoing treatment plan.  This plan is reassessed and reevaluated as progress is made.    This process includes a clinical interview, some self-assessment questions and possibly some written screens.


Our professional consultation usually occurs after or in conjunction with the initial assessment.  There are multiple factors to consider when thinking of a loved one’s substance use issues.  The first is what would be clinically best, safest and likely most effective treatment plan.  The second is willingness, not everyone is willing to do what seems best at the time.  And finally is ability, the best option may not be accessible due to finances, work schedule, family situations or other issues.  We take all of these issues into consideration during the consultation process.