Our approach to couples and families is based in present day solutions. We use proven methods to provide results that you see immediately. Our model is focused on offering a plan to produce the changes that you want. Then we monitor and enhance your process with our expert guidance. While we are at times analytical about past events, we only use that information to provide useful solutions for today. It is likely that you may never agree about what has already happened, but fortunately, the bonds of affection do not depend upon agreement. Therefore, we do not referee past events or seek to reconcile versions of memory. Instead, we agree with you about where you want to be and then provide the most direct path to that outcome. In this way we are more like coaches in that we are directing and guiding rather than analyzing.

We use proven methods to support the outcome that you desire. We have worked extensively in the field and utilize that knowledge to your benefit. We utilized several methods of relationship therapy that help couples get out of the win lose downward and into an all in team approach of problem solving. We have worked with thousands of couples over the years, bringing families back together.