The Moore Institute in Birmingham has developed perhaps the most inclusive model for addiction recovery that I know of. Trailblazers in the work to discover addiction treatment that works for everyone. Check them out. Run by two wonderful people, Steve Moore and Pam Wilkes Moore.

Micheal Naylor, EMDR Trainer

The Recovery Intensive digs deep.

Joan P.

You really listened to me.

Bill W.

I’ve been to treatment before, but nothing like this. It really is different.

Sam B

It changed my life.

Rene M.

I have been to treatment several times before and never learned any of this. This really is innovative and different.

David Y

This has changed my life. I see my recovery and myself in a new light.

Sabrina Q

I never thought I could have my life back until I came into the ARI.

Jamie D.

I have read all of Pam’s books, and her new book is absolutely incredible. This new book covers everything from shame, personas, trauma and provides tools to work through the afore mentioned issues. Great stuff that you will love, and will help you to live life with more freedom and grace. I especially like the level of vulnerability she shows in this book, because she is not trying to be some perfect spiritual guru. She owns the fact that while life is great, it can also be super hard and to be successful, we must work to be better people.