Show Me The Way



Product Description

Pam Moore knows what it’s like to struggle in darkness. She likens her own early life to living in a land full of dragons. She suffered through unspeakable trauma with no one to turn to. Her new work shows you that you don’t have to suffer through similar situations alone. She offers hope and light for anyone living through a long, dark night.

In Show Me the Way, Moore covers

  • how the stories you tell yourself can turn into unhealthy beliefs,
  • how these core beliefs define your sense of self and identity,
  • how trauma can spark an unending cycle of self-doubt and self-loathing,
  • how even small traumas lead to unnecessary shame and guilt, and
  • how your projections affect your relationships with others.

After helping you understand where the nasty little voice in your head comes from, Moore shows you how to police this negative inner dialogue and turn those thoughts and beliefs into positive affirmations that help you.

Moore’s work acknowledges that there is no one way to deal with past trauma and present challenges. Instead, she offers a method that combines several different approaches, providing a holistic view of recovery and healing.

Wow, just wow!

joanns clinic

The author did a wonderful job of helping me identify that inner voice and deal with negative beliefs that I had developed about myself. Pamella Moore’s clinical expertise is readily apparent in this book. I would recommend that everyone read this book.



Pamella Moore is an amazing author. She inspires me on a daily basis to become a better me. Anyone should check this out!

taylor milam