Unhook and Live Free coming this fall

When I am suffering I want to feel better.  I bet you do too. It has become my mission to relieve both my suffering and yours too.

I tried many ways to relieve suffering.  I have been in almost every kind of therapy starting when I was 15 years old.  I tried cognitive, experiential, family of origin, group, psychodrama and every other suggestion that was made to me.  They all helped but sooner or later I found myself stuck again.  I think part of the problem was the over promise of all of these methods.  Some promised me instant relief and some promised whatever I was struggling with would never return.  That was not the case.  It is not what I can promise you with The Method either.  What I have learned is that my recovery, your recovery, every recovery is a life long journey.  What I am offering is a way to have something to go back to that will help you and bring relief as you take the path back home to yourself. I now know that everything I ever tried helped me.  Cognitive therapy helped, experiential therapy helped, family of origin work helped, groups helped, psychodrama helped, forgiveness helped, gratitude helped.  What I have done with The Method is to combine many processes into one guide that can be done daily, weekly or just used when needed. The Method is what I developed to address.   Unhook and Live Free  is all about how The Method can free you too..  COMING THIS FALL

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