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This book is a brilliant guide to understanding yourself and how to unhook from negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  The Method, as explained in this book is life changing.  It was born out of a desperate desire to end suffering for Pam.  She realized how well it worked and wanted to share it with you to help create a framework to unhook from thinking, traumas and behaviors that plague you.  The Method has changed countless lives.  Real change is possible.

Pam Moore is a respected and talented psychotherapist whose life story is an inspiration in itself. Her book carefully outlines The Method she has developed for her own recovery and that she now shares with her patients. I have read countless self-help books and this one is outstanding. Pam's knowledge and compassion guides every word. The reader is immediately invited to unhook stressful thoughts and stories to find a path to relief and — ultimately greater peace. As I read UNHOOK, I felt as though I was sitting across from Pam as she gently walked me through each chapter. Within a short time, I could easily begin using her Method to diffuse my stress and negative thoughts. This is a practice that I can use everyday. And she provides exercises to reinforce the Method and allow me to explore each stage of letting go of my fears, etc. and shift to a more positive perspective. Now instead of spinning in a problem, I have a great tool for teasing out what's really behind my anxiety. I am very grateful to have found this book!


In this book, Pam utilizes her trade mark style of being real and owning her imperfections throughout the book, which immediately drops the 'I am better than you' guise that many self-help authors hide behind. Because of that, you feel like you are sitting down for coffee with a friend, albeit a really wise one, and hashing out your life. But instead of just listening, she gives you a road map to change what you can, to accept what you can't, and the wisdom to know which is which. Pam is respected as one of the top therapists in her field for a reason, because her unflinching honesty and vulnerability lead you to places inside yourself that you did not know you needed to go to, all while somehow making you feel empowered and not ashamed. I cannot say enough good things about The Method.


This book is life changing. It is a practical way of looking at the beliefs and/or judgements that I have placed upon myself. The author helped me to focus on my most stressful thoughts; the thoughts that I 'beat myself up with' and to see how I can learn and grow from these thoughts and beliefs. The Method breaks down my false beliefs or judgements, while teaching me how to embrace my ego. It has personally helped me to set free and unhook from negative thoughts by allowing myself to embrace the work that I am doing and be grateful for learning anew each day. I will use this method for the rest of my life and encourage everyone to do the same.

Naomi M.

A one-on-one session with Pam is priceless, but her book is an excellent reference tool to help us walk thru and beyond our issues/demons to the angels. The Method is a structured and versatile way to identify our problems, face them and their cause(s), release them, and grow thru forgiveness and gratitude. It allows us to be human and gives a guide to do so. I think it will be very helpful for many and bring them onto their path of happiness, peace and joy. Thank you, Pam...once again.

Andrea B.

What a gift! Out of darkness comes light. Pam has shared her personal journey of healing, distilling the work of many into a comprehensive method that really helps one to dig deep and 'unhook' from the stories and beliefs of the mind. I am so thankful for her down to earth approach. This is not a 'heady' book...full of theory. It's heartfelt and really helpful for healing. I loved the workbook which I can start using immediately.

Amazon Customer.

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