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Once upon a time there lived a little princess that was full of light and love. When she was born she there was rejoicing in the kingdom. She was destined as an infant to leave the majestic mountains and her father and enter into life with the dragon family in the alley below. It had been predetermined that she would go long before she was born. It was the way of the people of the majestic mountains. The Earth Mother determined they must descended to the valley for their purpose. They had to find their way back to the majestic mountains on their own. The only way for them to know they belonged was through path of the heart. It was their destiny. They must face themselves to find their way back. It was the circle.
The dragon family was a very sad and wounded breed that the princess went to live with. Due to their wounds they could not look upon the princess’ light and love. It caused deep shame within them. You see, in their youth the dragon family had been full of light and love also; until the lies handed down from their ancestors became their reality. Soon after the princess’ arrival into the valley the dragon family began instilling the ancestors’ lies into this child of light and love. They would beat her with their powerful whip like tails. They never allowed her the tears that were rightfully hers. Worse of all was when the father dragon and his dragon friends took her down into the pit of snakes, where they would force her to devour watch and everyone. Soon she was convinced that she was damaged and unworthy.
Her light grew dimmer and dimmer. Her love seemed to disappear, just as the snakes did as they entered her mouth. Her true father, living high in the majestic mountains was pained by what he saw his child going through. He was hurt by the way the dragon family treated her just as He was saddened by their own woundedness. He remembered that He and the Earth Mother had been told this was a special child with an unique purpose that could not be altered. She must walk through the pain. She had a message for the children yet to come. Her light was to show them the way. As her Majestic father witnessed her light dimming He knew her light could not be extinguished. He sent his servant down to the valley below to hide it from all. His servant put a hardened shell around her now tiny flicker of a flame. He knew she would need this now spark of light in her journey ahead.
There was no more light or love that the princess could feel. Nor could anyone see her true self. Only the hardened shell was visible to her and the world. She lived for many years in pain and misery with the dragon family, all the while believing the lies of the ancestors. The lies became her truth. Not of a true self but of a dark and false self that took over her body. She was living as the dragons before her did. She thought she would become just like them the same way they did. She could not see her purpose.
She grew into a woman, a sad wounded woman. She knew she had to leave the land the dragon’s ruled. Her Father up in the mountains rejoiced to see her restlessness and waited upon her to call upon Him to show her the way. Sadly, she had sworn to herself never to let anyone or anything close to her. This only caused her pain. She was not going to turn her Father in the majestic Mountains even though she felt His presence with her. She told herself he had abandoned her from the beginning. She could not see her light and it was so dark. She knew not what direction to go so she just ran. She ran and ran down the first path she came upon. She soon found herself in the desert wasteland of shattered dreams. The more she tried to find her way out alone the more lost and turned around she became. She wept bitter tears as the majestic mountains slowly left even her distant view. The horrible irony was the harder she ran into the desert, the stronger the messages of the messages of the dragon family became a part of her. Where there was once light and love, now only hatred and bitterness grew. Everyday the voices of the past would scream to her “Your only good for a little action in the pit of snakes.” “You are worthless….You are damaged goods.” She eventually found herself jumping willfully into any snake pit she came upon. The more she ventured into the desert wasteland of shattered dreams, the greater the pain of being with herself increased. She grew very weak and tired. One day she could take the pain no longer and cried to her Father in the majestic mountains, “ I am weak, I am tired and I am so very afraid.” “Please show Yourself to me… I feel You here.” Her Father had waited so very long for her to call to Him. He was filled with joy. Now he could show her the path of her truth. He did not magically appear and take her from the wasteland. This was her journey. She needed to learn her own power and strength. She had to know she had the power to prevent any dragon from ever pulling her into the wasteland again. It is only through the journey on the path of unspent tears could she know she had the power and the strength of her own love. And light. What did happen is her protective shell covering her light broke away. Her tiny spark of a light was still there. At first her light was small and she stumbled along the path every step or so. Sometimes she was afraid and it was still dark. She was determined to leave that arid place forever. She soon started seeing others on the trail that had grown up in the land of the dragons. She saw they fell quite often just like her. The difference was they reached out to one another to break their fall, and she would not. She thought she could not. They would reach their hand out to her but she did not trust, so she would wrap her arms tightly around herself and look away. One day it came to her she could not walk the path alone. She needed others or she would not make it. So the next day, as she tripped over a rock, she caught hold of a companion’s hand. Her fall was not as hard and as painful as the others It was better to be in community. She found herself reaching out her hand to break the fall of those coming behind her. With this new found sense of community her light began to grow. She woke in the morning looking forward to that days journey even though she knew it was going to be hard. Her community was teaching her what love meant. That together and with compassion we walk the path together. Together we are stronger than one. She became stronger with each step along the way. She no longer had to live in the darkness of her past. She could march right past those snake pits and not feel compelled to jump in. She was learning her truth. She had begun the journey of reclaiming herself.
The princess now lives in the foothills of the majestic mountains, with her community in the land of all seasons. Her light and love grow brighter and brighter with each passing day. She often journeys back to the trail of unspent tears, not to live in the past but to offer her hand to those stumbling along their way. She does not feel the need to run she face all seasons now with the same light and love. She has learned to live her purpose. She was always meant to show others the way.

Pam Moore

Author Pam Moore

Pam received her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Alabama in 1993. She has worked both as a manager and a principal therapist at The Moore Institute. Her major interests are in addiction disorders, co-dependency, trauma and mood disorders. Pam works with individuals couples and families. She is an intuitive, interactive solution focused therapist. She integrates complimentary methodologies and techniques so she can offer a highly personalized approach to each of her clients with compassion and understanding. She works with clients to help them build of their strengths. Pam developed The Method which is featured in her book Show Me The Way while working through her own personal struggles. She received so much help from The Method she offered it to her clients with great success. Pam also authored a book titled Unhook and live Free and a mediative journal titled Inward to the Kingdom, a Six Week Journey. She is Vice President of the Addiction Research Foundation, as well as the President of The Moore Institute.

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